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Monday, October 09, 2006
Booking Bloggers

Stories abound now about bloggers becoming writers of actual books. Then what better time to 1) hit the blogging harder 2) self publish? But the bloggers who self-consciously blog about this (mostly litbloggers) are like MLM* flunkies and eventually their pyramid scheme will collapse. (And their publishers will leave them high and dry. Hence: self publish. It's safer in the current climate.)

*Multilevel Marketers
You can tell from miles away the bloggers whose focus is being diverted by ambition. It gives a kind of neutered quality to the blogs that renders them completely uninteresting.

I just write mine because I like the sound of my own voice. It's nice when people read it and leave comments etc.,whether pro or con, but I'd be doing it if nobody read it too. I have no ambition at all as a writer, though. Any attention that comes my way is by accident rather than design.
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