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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
"California's Over"

I think the first ARC I owned was Louis B. Jones' "California's Over", which I acquired at a time of renewed yearning for that state. It got packed away with much else of my stuff and I forgot even the title, though I remembered that I wanted to read it once it came out of storage.

I was also thinking about blogs and how those that do them, always with the intention of standing out from the crowd often become a faceless part of it, even without qualities.

And then I thought of that vortex of moving/travel/change that we find ourselves in -- I don't think a blog is a way to slow down and find yourself.

But perhaps sitting down with a book is and having this one available after all that time (4 yrs.) it really gave me the feeling that no matter how far you travel, with a book you are always home.

What a load of fatuous b.s., right? But there it is.

It is remarkable how California does seem to be more a state of mind than a thing. Something that can be recreated in memory from a song, a scent and a wind, completely recognizable as what it is, no matter what your real locale is. Like a book that creates its own reality around you.