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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What's The Frequency Edward?

As the reverberations from the ULA's appearance at Colombia's Howl reading continue in the background of the ongoing consideration of insider and outsider writers and poets, the action itself at the Miller Theater this past April shows not only that the Underground Literary Alliance is not afraid to put its money where its mouth is, but that Ginsberg the man, as well as his watershed poem Howl, can still stir passions, and literally get the attention of the world one more time.

Like the film Good Night and Good Luck, showing Ed Murrow and his team of journalists doing the "honorable thing" and taking down a politician who overstepped not only his position, but also the limits of decency, Ginsberg, in giving voice to the disatisfactions that many were feeling in 1956 struck a blow for every man who ever wanted to express himself, no matter how unpopular his views or subject matter.

Bloggers are direct descendents of that idea, but beyond the blogger is the citizen journalist, the next breed of personal communicator about things universal.
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