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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It may have been the Underground Literary Alliance's most successful protest action ever staged. Read part of a preliminary report from King Wenclas below and click through to the ULA site for more info on the night the ULA Howled.

There's no other way to depict it except as a success after we presented a wide variety of underground writers, with wild entertainment, to an enthusiastic crowd outside Columbia U's Miller Theater last night. We showed what genuine literature connecting to the general public is about. We made our point, easily distributed large stacks of informational flyers to members of our very curious audience, and brought underground writers together with New York journalists.

(Picture -- Young Ginsberg by Crumb)
The Beats were serious writers who were immersed in the literature that had come before them and much more interested in the hard work of actual creation than in publicity.

Other than that, sure, ULA is just like them.
Dear da levy --

I drove the best Chevies of my generation to da levy,

But da levy was dry.

Sad, isn't it?
Dear DA Levy,
Didn't you die of a gunshot wound in Cleveland in the 1960s?
I don't agree with what you said up there--Ginsberg, much as I love him, was a publicity whore (he said it himself in "After Lalon")--but I did like the poetry you wrote before you killed yourself.
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