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Monday, April 03, 2006

Countdown To HOWL

I am not one for much blog linkage: in general I find little point in cluttering up my blog with links that will be dead in a few months or so. Also, someone has usually gotten there first and I loathe unoriginality, especially if it is my own. (Impossible!)

The point of all this is to alert my readers that there will be significant linkage here until April 17, when the academics, publishers and literati present their reading of Ginsberg's HOWL at Columbia U. in NYC.

I will try to keep you informed about the Underground Literary Alliance's plans to protest the event, as the group believes that the very people who should be a part of this academy/Big Publishing show have been shut out.

The first place to go is to the ULA site to read "Ginsberg's Kent State Interview" by Wred Fright.

While there, check out "Free The Beats" (accessible from the home page) for the who-what-where-when-why on the ULA's protest.

I will also link to other blogs and news stories that deal with the ULA's HOWL protest, so bookmark me. (You can always delete it after the event, when I go back to my usual business of dealing with ne'er-do-well writer J.D. Finch. That is, me.)
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