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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's time to
Buy Game Quest!

Yes, it's by that ultra-talented Canadian Leopold McGinnis, who I have gladly given valuable Pale Blue Auto-Mobile real estate to in the past. (Check my archives for a post on The Red Fez.) And trust me, I don't do that for every Tom, Dick and Leopold that comes down the pike.

And watch this space for more, including an interview with the writer, who I will ask questions like "How'd you write such a damn cool book?"
Thanks a billion, JD. You're a gentleman and a scholar and a real credit to the underground book scene!

The book sales are going pretty well so far. Seems to be real interest out there. Trying to get it into a bunch of bookstores now, since people seem to trust those more than the sleazy authors themselves...

But it'll be pretty cool when I release my Game Quest World Domination chart! Look for it!
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