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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Any Salonistas In The House?

As this is more a diary of my own life in lit and writing, rather than an observational litblog, I will continue to feature -- when I'm not featuring myself; yes, we all do it, don't we? -- writers I enjoy or those with potential. There's no point in being pickily critical. There are people who get paid to do that and are called... critics!

Yes, I'm the Public Advocate for the Underground Literary Alliance (see my very selective site roll, at left), but believe it or not, contrary to that organization's rep, we do not exist to make life difficult for the working writer, but only those who unfairly milk the system through cronyism and connections for advantages and awards they do not deserve.

But I did lie a bit in my previous post when I said I would offer my take on lit fame, based on Zadie Smith's "troubles." My only experience with that fame has been a close second hand, and therefore I'm not yet an insider. (But I will be.)

There is much I've observed in the lit/writing/publishing world, and I have hopes that I have learned a few things so that I won't repeat certain mistakes when I reach for the brass ring of lit fame. Maybe then I'll be able to offer my two cents on fame.
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