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Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Show To Remember

Last night at the Medusa Lounge in Philadelphia lit history was made when the finest of the ULA writers presented their stuff to an appreciative crowd that knew they were part of something special.

Their presentations were capped off by the man himself, Jack Saunders, who read from his instant classic Bukowski Never Did This. More on that soon.

I'm still on a high so forgive me if I slight anyone who was a part of this event by forgetting their presence or neglecting to make note of their contributions.

Standouts for me were: Michael Grover, a great poetic talent; Crazy Carl Robinson, who entertained and edified as he examined the arcane world of astrololgy, drawing the audience into his own off-the-map world.

From the non-ULA world there was amazingly talented Ish Klein, and unbelieveable Natalie Felix, who clearly felt every word of her poetry and made the audience feel them too.

Have I mentioned the MC, Karl Wenclas? What can one say, except that he made the whole thing happen, and made it continue happening through the night.

I now realize that I haven't the time or the energy to continue with this tonight, after a long (un-airconditioned!) day of zines at The Rotunda on the Penn campus, so I will just say that in the battle of "The Student" and "The Masked Perfesser", at the Medusa the MP pulled it out at the last minute, though that decision wasn't accepted by 100% of the audience.

Oh, and the tape sent to Karl by one of the usual "NY Times" bestselling authors -- I'll name him later -- was wildly entertaining.

(As was Wred Fright, Jackie Corley, Devin D'Andrea, Eric Bader, the soulful poetry of Sarah Scheckter, et al...Like I say, it is late, and I'll get to the rest later...with pictures. And Shawn Terreri who blew us all away with gritty spoken word pieces.)

And truly, Karl isn't blowing smoke up your ass when he says these are the people you should be reading.
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