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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Poets At The ULA's Medusa Lounge Event (clockwise from top left)

Shawn Terreri -- The intensity of this Hip-Hop/Spoken Word artist could never be caught in a picture

Maria Pace -- Poetry from a deep private well

Miz Olivia, the Godmother of Poetry -- Poems of protest and the drum of the heart

Michael D. Grover -- Portrait of a poet

Ish Klein -- Indescribable word acrobatics

Natalie Felix -- Poetry in motion
The pics in this set all came out great! I only saw one Ish Klein that night, though. How much did you have to drink?! --Pat S.
Thanks, they did come out well, didn't they? (Somewhat to my surprise.)

And the more-than-one Ish? It's not due to alcohol...It's because she's multi-talented.

Yeah, that's the ticket!
Awesome photos-- they well capture the energy of the event. (Natalie was especially charismatic.)
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