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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
I was just ego-surfing and found that this very blog you're reading has a pretty decent standing in Googleland, the fact of which convinced me that I'd better try to keep roughly up to date here.

So here's a short post at an ungodly hour to give you some news: I am now a member of the ULA (Underground Literary Aliance). To those who are opposed to the ULA I would suggest looking into the organization a little more deeply; that is, make your own investigation and don't accept what mainstream media says about them. And don't blindly accept what other bloggers and indy media writers say.

Check us out at and decide for yourself. You might find that the complacent and established lit folks might not want to admit that American literature "is a bloated turd" as a man who should know, Neal Pollack would say.

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