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You need no ticket to make a place for yourself here where humor, black and otherwise, comes to you from the stage where the human comedy itself is being played, its performance trumping the things dark and tragic and found in the world of literature.
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
I, J. D. Finch have worked for northern New Jersey newspapers as a columnist, reporter and photographer. I've written on film for publications like Cinefantastique and Fangoria and on collectibles for established magazines large and small. My fiction has appeared on the Internet at, McSweeney's and others, and in print in national corporate magazines and the antithesis of these, the Literary Fan Magazine, published by the Underground Literary Alliance, which itself may be the future of American literature. I've produced a parody zine (zeen) called McStoney's (can you guess what it parodies?) that I introduced at the 215 Festival in Philadelphia last year. Here at Pale Blue Auto-Mobile, among other things, I will tell you about writers I think are good, and will be prettty-much-silent about those I don't. And I'll post my own writing, because, as the well-known dog joke goes, I can. There will be much else, which I can't really define right now, but which will grow organically out of what I do. I only tell you all this because you should know who you're dealing with.
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